January’s Purchases.

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These posts are a means for me to stay accountable, even if I spent money on items I’ve hoped I wouldn’t.  Also, this month’s purchases do not include food, eating out or regular bills.

This month’s purchases:

(The red highlighted purchases are ones that I wish I didn’t make.  I hope to have fewer red purchases next month.)


  • Vacuum bags ($24.90)
  • Batteries ($12.99)
  • Power Strip ($9.99)
  • Scale ($18.10) {Replacement}

Total:  $65.98

Personal Spending:

  • Budget stickers.  ($75.00) This one hurts a little.  What was I thinking?????? Of course, when you buy on Etsy, it’s $5 here, $10 there.  It really adds up.  All I can say is that they better bring me joy each time I use them. 🙂
  • Northern Exposure Season 1 DVD ($11.68)  I thought this series was on Netflix.  Bummer it wasn’t, but I really wanted to watch it, so I purchased it with some gifted money from my parents.
  • Excel Templates.  ($10.00) (Worth every penny.)
  • Spending Journal ($6.49) (bought on Amazon, but honestly didn’t need it. 🙁  Already wrote in it so couldn’t return)

Total:  $103.17

Personal Care:

  • Hair Color ($13.62) Took advantage of coupon sales and purchased 3 months worth.
  • Sensodyne toothpaste ($10.00) (2 tubes) Having sensitivity issues with my teeth.  This was the suggested toothpaste from dentist, but didn’t have coupons. 🙁
  • In Shower Lotion: ($7.00)  {Replacement}
  • Make-up (Ulta): $6.38 {Replacement}
  • Diet Bet ($20.00) I had high hopes of not only winning my own personal bet, but adding a bit more to it.  However, as the bet went, I needed to lose 7 lbs in 4 weeks.  I should have known better. 🙁

Total:  $57.00


  • Gloves ($19.99) I needed a warm pair of gloves.  Unfortunately, these failed miserably, but I couldn’t return them as I had already worn them.
  • Tank Top ($2.98) Super deal at Target.  Couldn’t resist — but I didn’t need it. 🙁
  • PJs ($11.98) {Replacement}

Total:  $34.95

Total Amount of Purchases I made for January:  $261.10  Total Amount of Purchases I wish I didn’t make: $136.14  Goal for February:  Lower the number in red.

Final Thoughts on January’s spending.

  1.  Research items before purchasing (i.e. gloves that keep your hands warm.)
  2. Take off all payment methods online.  I really should have waited on several items I purchased.  Had I waited at least 72 hours, I wouldn’t have purchased them. (i.e. budgeting stickers, DVD, spending journal). Taking off the credit card from Amazon and PayPal should slow down my trigger finger a bit.
  3. Even though I give myself $100 for personal spending, I should be more mindful of how I really want to spend it.  Seeing everything in black and white is very eye opening.
  4. All in all, $261 is not bad in spending.  Half of the stuff was replacement or consumable products that we purchase on an ongoing basis.  As long as I am  mindful and intentional with my future purchases, I should be well on my way to controlling my spending.

Your turn.  Did you buy anything in January that you regret?


11 thoughts on “January’s Purchases.”

  1. Sharon, I use sensodyne as well; go to their official website and print a $1.00 off coupon. You can do this twice a year.

  2. I made a few ‘must have’ purchases in January but nothing I regret.
    #1. We bought a new much needed top mattress for our bed. The old one was over 16 years old and my back was starting to hurt. It was $999 plus tax but I was able to put the whole amount on a 24, zero interest payment which comes out to around $45 a month, starting in February. So, no impact whatsoever to our current bottom line.
    #2. I needed an eye exam and eye glasses. last time I had my eyes examined was 5 years ago and it was time. I couldn’t see the TV nor read anymore. Exam cost $100, two pairs of glasses for $151 (one reading, one distance) and bifocal sunglasses for driving and sunning at $79 (I had the frame already) $330 total. Ouch! But it goes towards my frequent airline miles. YAY!
    #3. I’ll be in Florida staying at my sisters for the next 3 weeks. My sister just let me know she paid for my ticket to attend a cocktail party. I have a dress but I looked lumpy in it. I finally caved in and bought a Shapermint full panty with full waist control to make me look smoother and slimmer. Total cost $24.95. I think this was a need.

    I like doing this monthly round up with you.
    I have no idea however, how I’m going to fare in February while I;m in Florida, hanging out with my BFFs. We’ve got a bunch of things planned (dinner, concerts, comedy shows Wikki Wachee) and drinks. Lots and lots of drinks.
    Wish me luck!

    1. I agree, I wouldn’t regret any of your purchases either! And, February is for FUN. Enjoy yourself. You can go back to being frugal in March.

  3. Hi Sharon, love how you analyzed your purchases to keep your self accountable. January was a spendy month here, but nothing I regret buying. The two big things were: starting to put $$ down on our Alaska cruise we are going to take this summer, and upgrading the tv in our great room to a 50 inch smart tv and getting rid of our final analog tv and converter box. Both were planned expenses and will be paid for with cash. I am also working on how to go forward with our budgeting now that the house is paid off: things like doing an automatic deposit from our checking to savings acct. for the property taxes, etc.

    1. That’s awesome! What cruiseline are you taking to Alaska? That’s on our bucket list, although thinking about Alaska in the winter is tough. LOL. We already pay our property taxes and insurance separate from our mortgage. It’s actually nice that way, I think you’ll like it!

  4. I think I kept my spending in check fairly well. My purchases were: Amazon Prime membership which covers free shipping as well as streaming Prime Video – only amounts to about $7 per month; I bought some workout gear at Walmart for $83. I consider this a need as I work out every day. Went to see two movies, had breakfast out once (we all need a social life 🙂 and bought two books from Amazon (free shipping – it pays for itself!) The movies were fantastic (“The Green Book” and “If Beale Street Could Talk”). This stuff all comes out of the Misc line on my budget. When the money runs out then I stop spending 🙂 until the next month.

    1. Hi Jane – it sounds like you had an awesome month. 🙂 I really need to start working out more…I’ve been a total slouch for January.

  5. I’m trying to be more mindful of what I purchase this year as well… we’ve been buying too much “stuff” and with a kid in university now, we need to tuck aside as much as possible to get through with *NO* debt!! I’m a sucker for planner stickers too, ordered some last month, and just did a “cull” to get rid of what I don’t like/use, now i’ve sworn to use these up over the year with NO new ones! We can do it!!

    1. {{{Carla}}}} I’ve MISSED YOU!!!!xoxoxo
      I’ve tried to find your blog, but I’ve seen that you stopped blogging? If not, direct me….. :)!!!

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