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YouTube made me buy it.

May I just blame my recent (and not so recent) spending on YouTube? LOL.  But really.

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Over the past several months, years, I’ve been enjoying watching videos on YouTube.  I’ve even made a few friends.  BUT.  It comes with a price.  A HUGE price, in my case.

What am I talking about?  Some Most YouTubers share purchases.  Some are really, really convincing, and because I like them, I trust their opinions and I end up ‘thinking’ I need the item as well.  I didn’t wake up in the morning needing that particular item that they are sharing, but by the end of the video (sometimes during), I go the website and click, click that item is on it’s way to me.  Some of the items I’ve purchased have helped my life tremendously.  Revlon One Step Dryer and Volumizer comes to mind. (I’m not sharing the link…I don’t want to add to the problem!) But others?  Not so much.

The phrase “YouTube made me buy it” is not my own.  Other people are feeling the spending urge from these influencers.

But I’m better than that.  I know I am.  I’ll just need to put some distance from the triggers.  I’ve decided to give up watching YouTube videos for the next three months to see if my spending changes.  There will be some exceptions, i.e. Daily Mass, but other than music, spiritual guidance, I won’t be watching.  Podcasts will be my new go-to.  Blogs and reading.  I’m sure I’ll find other things to do to fill up the time as well.

Sorry YouTube friends.  I’m unplugging.  I may or may not be back.  We shall see.

Are you influenced by what others share purchases online?  Let’s have a conversation in the comments.



9 thoughts on “YouTube made me buy it.”

  1. Sharon, I couldn’t agree with you more! If I love the YouTuber or blogger, I trust them, so I am vulnerable to product suggestions. Have purchased makeup, an eyeglass case, home cleaning products and more because of this. Usually the product is good but not great. I too have stopped watching and listening. I think we probably have a lot of company with respect to this “problem”. Ellie

    1. Oh my gosh Ellie, if I listed everything I’ve purchased from watching a YouTube video it would be a very long list. Amazon is off limits as well, for many reasons (post on that to follow). I’m very curious to see how it affects my bottomline.

  2. Part of my job involves understanding/working with YouTube “influencers” (the people who sell you stuff) & it means that I want nothing to do with that in my free time. I read (blogs, books, news) & don’t watch tv or YT. Sometimes we watch movies on Netflix.

    1. Yes, I would definitely understand that. I’m curious though. Working with them all day, does it influence you into buying stuff?

  3. I only bought one thing off of seeing it on You Tube. That was Shapermint. And I’m glad I bought it. Works like a charm. Other than that, nothing has ever motivated me to buy anything. I’m like the worst customer ever!
    PS: I only got around to buying the Shapermint when they kept emailing me and offering more and more bargains. They finally made an offer I couldn’t refuse. About $10 for a $50 item. SOLD! LOL

  4. No, not at all. I don’t subscribe to any youtube channels that sell anything. But don’t get me started on Amazon…

    1. I just removed my credit card from my Amazon account and I won’t be renewing prime. I’m going to make myself more financially secure than put more money into Jeff Bezos’ pocket.

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