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Dumping Amazon Prime, and saving lots of money in the process.

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It’s taken me a couple of years to actually pull the plug, but I’m finally doing it.

5 Reasons I’m dumping Amazon Prime

  1. HIGHER PRICES.  Amazon is no longer the least expensive retailer online for all products.  Recently I started checking other company websites and was shocked at how much less expensive things are outside of Amazon.  When I was looking for a specific item for my son for his birthday, I checked Amazon.  The item was $300, which was a bit more than I wanted to spend.  I researched the item and found it on another website, Academy Sports for $199.  It also came with a 20% coupon code.  Add with the 6% I received on Ebates, PLUS free shipping, I ended up saving over 60%.
  2. TARGET (and other online stores).  Other companies are starting to compete with Amazon, and I’m taking notice.  Specifically Target Online.  Recently I wanted to purchase some books.  Habitually, I searched Amazon first.  (That’s where you buy books, right?)  But then I decided to check Target.  Target not only had the books at the same price, but because I had the RedCard (no membership fee), I received 5% off and free shipping.  I also earned 1% in Ebates, so total savings was 6%. A WIN for me. 🙂  (Target RedCard comes in the form of a debit card if you’ve sworn off credit cards, FYI.    Not sponsored, I just like the savings.)
  3. HIGH MEMBERSHIP FEE. When I first signed up for Amazon Prime, the membership fee seemed minimal. I would make that up in the first couple of shipments.  Now the fee is $12.99/mos. or $155.88.  If I chose to pay for it all at once (which I have) it’s $119.00.  I understand that Amazon Prime isn’t just for free shipping.  They offer movies, books and ‘special offers’.  Honestly, I’ve rarely taken advantage of it.
  4. SUBPAR DELIVERY SERVICE. Delivery from Amazon is subpar, at best.  (UPS is a close 2nd in deplorable delivery practices.)  Packages were being thrown on our porch (we have the RING Security System and see everything!).  Also, we do not have a covered porch, so packages were getting soaked in the rain.  And, on several occasions, packages went ‘missing’ and we had to contact customer service.
  5. DEPLORABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.  In the past, I’ve had decent service.  However, my last two dealings with Amazon ‘customer service’ have left me scratching my head.  Let me just preface this by saying I’m very careful about ordering products that I may have to return.  i.e. clothing.  I choose Amazon Prime, Free Returns every.single.time.  And, as I had anticipated, I had to return clothing items that did not fit.  After taking 15 minutes to find Amazon’s customer service number (1(888)280-4331 – you’re welcome. 😉 ), I had to argue with the rep because they said it was from an outside vendor and there would be a charge to return it.  It was very clear on website that it was free returns.  In the end I had to contact the specific vendor personally, and ended up losing 50% of the cost of my purchase. 🙁

To be clear, I will still use Amazon from time to time.   I just won’t be paying the membership fee to do so.  I have a feeling that I’ll be saving much more than the membership fee.  It’s time to allow other companies compete for my business.   Sorry Jeff Bezos.  But I’m sure you’ll get over it.

How often do you check prices online?  Do you automatically go to Amazon?

10 thoughts on “Dumping Amazon Prime, and saving lots of money in the process.”

  1. You have to understand that Amazon’s sole purpose is to take over the world. Why would you let them do that? They have wiped out so many brick and mortar companies, it’s a crying shame. I very rarely, if ever, shop on Amazon. I use WalMart online service instead. they are excellent and if you use a WalMart charge card, you get 3% back on your shopping.
    I hate and despise Amazon. Always have. Always will. EWalMart is an American company who does their darndest to be good to Americans and America. Have you seen their new advertisements yet? Of how they give back to the community?
    Shop around.
    To heck with Amazon.
    So thankful his ex-wife is giving away all those billions of dollars. Jeff Bozo is a disgrace!

    1. Funny, I’m not a fan of him either. I don’t begrudge that he is successful, it’s how he’s going about doing it that irks me.

      1. Sharon, Jeff Bezos destroyed everyone in his path. And YES he does take advantage of his employees around the world. especially the elderly, in his hub located in Arizona. Horror stories abound!
        Shop somewhere else. Bezos won’t miss you but you’ll feel better about the whole darn thing.

  2. Amen to this. We have never had Amazon prime, don’t buy enough from them to make it worth it. It is a good thing for my daughter, who is a working mom, but she does pay for the convenience. At this time in her life, I think it is worth it for her. But not for me.

  3. If my primary TV watching was not Amazon (I watch their made for series even more than Netflix) I probably would not have prime). I do find Amazon to cheaper at least seventy five percent of the time (not always admittedly). We just do our returns by going to the website and getting a return and a free label, never any problem. Amazon is mainly made up of smaller vendors which I like (we used to be booksellers on Amazon) and I have ordered hand made stuff as well. As for the delivery, I really think this has to do with where you live. We get only Amazon delivery now (as in the guy with the van) and he always, always, always hides my stuff. But I do also order online From Kohl’s (store pickup), Macy’s (store pickup) Walmart and Target (Delivery) and Christopher and banks among others. I hate going into stores and even do clicklist for my groceries.

  4. I still have Amazon Prime as I purchase school books via my kindle. I utilize their streaming services quite a bit, but I do agree about the prices and the delivery. I have had 3 packages that never showed up. I live in a gated community so they just leave the packages on the street! Oh gosh. I’ve gotten credit for the missing items. So, IF I order from them, I will have it shipped to a locker or a friends home.

    1. It’s probably worth it if you use it. I’ve found other ways to purchase books, etc. Not sure who they are using for delivery, but it’s pretty bad.

  5. We don’t have Target, or a lot of other stores, in Canada. Amazon is a godsend for me and over the 14 years of using Amazon I have zero complaints regarding cost, delivery and so on. I do use the streaming service for series and movies and I pay no delivery fees with the guarantee that purchases are delivered in 2 days. Still a fan!

  6. I forget about checking Target online and out of habit I automatically go to Amazon. We still have Amazon Prime, but it may be time for a change. And eBates…. Good grief… I so need to REMEMBER to use that too!

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