The $5,000 work benefit we didn’t pass up and a public service announcement.

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Updating our Wills has been on our agenda for several years.  We procrastinated in updating mainly because the attorney that did our previous Wills had left the area.

However, after handling an ugly estate issue for my parents for a cousin who didn’t have a Will but a sizeable estate, (relatives you never heard of or have known will come out of no where when that happens) it became apparent to us that this was no longer a ‘should do’, but a ‘must do’ to complete ours.

Recently my husband discovered an employee benefit at his firm –  $5,000 towards preparing Wills.  Yes, please.

We knew our estate didn’t warrant all of the $5,000 benefit, so we figured that we could get these done for free.  And that’s exactly what we did.  After we completed them, we spoke to each of our children about the Wills, gave each a copy and feel confident that they will be carried out to our wishes.  We will revisit again in 10 years if something unforeseen happens.

If you are lingering with trying to decide to have a Will or not, may I strongly suggest you do so?  If you don’t sign a Will, your money and valuables will go to the next BLOOD relative in line.  No choice there.  It’s the law.   I’m sure you wouldn’t want a judge deciding who is going to take care of your kiddos either.

If you don’t want to hire an attorney or have the funds for one, there are plenty of online sources that can walk you through the process.  One of the best online Will Makers is Quicken Wills & Estates.  [NOT SPONSORED] For less than $100, you can do a very simple Will.  We were all set to do this until we found out about our benefit.

Don’t wait.  Do it today.

Do you have a Will?




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  1. We need to get ours updated. We did them 4 years ago and at that time both of our girls were in college. Much has changed since then. Thanks for the reminder!

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