Late to the party, but finally here.

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I’ve finally cut the cable and couldn’t be happier.

For years I’ve been considering cutting our cable.  Our provider made it nearly impossible, though, as contracts or bundled services made our internet the same price.  So why cancel?  Over the weekend, our provider started a new program where you did not need to sign a contract.   I had already released my home phone, and really wanted to ‘release’ the cable as well but had signed a contract in August.  It just so happened that I had to call our provider to challenge our bill (they overcharged for equipment we didn’t have).  I lucked out and got a manager on the phone.  He was more than helpful, so I thought I would check to see if I could get in on the ‘new plan’ without a cancellation fee of my other contract.

To my surprise and delight, I was able to get out of my contract (no fee), get the fastest internet, shed the cable and save $100 a month in the process. Oh my gosh, I am SO happy.  We rarely watched television, and mostly used the Roku for Netflix.  I did watch Hallmark, but can easily get the Hallmark app.  My husband will be getting the Hockey app. as that is his enjoyment.  We still will come out WAY ahead.

Saving almost $1,200 a year is exhilarating, to say the least.  I’m so glad I made the call. 🙂

Insurance is next….stay tuned….





8 thoughts on “Late to the party, but finally here.”

    1. Streaming is the way to go. I was so annoyed with renting equipment. I did sign up for two streaming apps (Hulu and Frndly (family friendly tv which includes my precious Hallmark stations). I’ll see how they go, but I also scored another $20/off because I have the same provider for my cell phone. :). SCORE!

      1. We use 1 streaming service for now. Amazon prime. Also get free music, free ebooks and magazines. Free photo unlimited storage (so I don’t have to pay Apple to do it). Oh and that free shipping. All for $13 a month.

  1. We have “DISH Network” and can not figure a cheaper way for us. “Over the air” is not an option at our location. Our internet is free so I can’t complain to much (but I do, haha).

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