I was surprised.

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Your response to this post was most heartwarming.  I had no idea that people actually liked my posts.  I’ve received many e-mails and comments saying that they will miss this blog which surprised me.  So… I’ve decided to keep this blog up, for a bit longer, and try to come up with something to write.  I have been experimenting with saving more money in ways I should have thought of years ago.  I will share them.

If I can help even one person, then this blog site will be worth it.  Thank you to all that commented.

Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “I was surprised.”

  1. Glad to hear this, Sharon. I always look forward to what you write since we are about the same stage of life. Oh, I wanted to let you know that our daughter is expecting #2 in July. They found out it is another girl. We are so happy.

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