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Fearful of a pandemic? 15 Ways to Prepare.

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A possible pandemic for the United States?  Don’t fear it, prepare for it.

15 Simple Tips to Help you Stay Safe and Prepare for a Possible Pandemic

  1. Keep a stash of cash in your home in case you can’t get to a bank, or ATMs are down.
  2. Create an area in your home to store extra food and supplies.
  3. Make a list of your favorite foods and non perishables and stock up.  Choose long lasting storage items such as canned fruits, veggies and meats (i.e. tuna, chicken). Have enough on hand to be able to eat for at least two weeks.  A month would be better.
  4. Don’t forget comfort items such as your favorite chocolates.  You must never run out of chocolate kisses. 😉
  5. Keep a month’s worth of bottled water in storage.
  6. Keep a 90 day supply of prescription medications.  Include over the counter medications and a first aid kit as well.
  7. Keep extra candles, flashlights and batteries on hand.
  8. Stock up on soap and hand lotion.  (You should be washing your hands more often than ever before).
  9. Stock up on Clorox, disinfecting wipes and household cleaners.
  10. Purchase N95 face masks if available.  3M is working overtime to make these, but they are currently unavailable on Amazon.
  11. Don’t forget your beloved pets!  Stock up on food and meds for them as well.
  12. Stay away from large crowds.  Go for nature walks instead.
  13. At work, keep a pack of lysol wipes at your desk.  Wash your hands before and after eating.
  14. Don’t sell stock, buy it!  If stock market is crashing, it means stocks are on sale. 😉
  15. For now, avoid overseas travel if you can.  If you must travel by plane, don’t forget to wipe down seats, trays and anything else you come in contact with.  Wash your hands as soon as you get off.

Extra tip:

  1. Above all, don’t panic.  Once you have the above in place, relax.  Wash your hands, exercise, and eat well.  The majority of the coronavirus cases had successful outcomes.  Just as most survive the flu, most are surviving this virus.  Thanks to our wonderful medical researchers and medical professionals, I believe there will be a vaccine soon to alleviate the fear soon.

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5 thoughts on “Fearful of a pandemic? 15 Ways to Prepare.”

  1. Here is the shortages in Hong Kong: TP, face masks (more about learning not to touch your face then protecting from infection), cough drops, hand sanitizer, Vit C, fresh foods.
    OTC meds that you would use for a flu are suggested for this one. The problem is the pneumonia that it brings on. Keep that congestion to a minimum.
    A small bottle of Clorox will go a very long way.
    A month of water for two people is close to 70 gallons. That is a lot of water. Those gallon jugs at the store leak big time. Fill jugs as they become empty (except milk), and store them around the house (we drink V8). Keep a case of water (I always do). Don’t forget your coffee.
    Stash of cash? Small bills. Nothing like the register go down and have to hand over 100 for something that costs 10. BTDT
    Don’t buy food you will not eat. Two weeks of food is really not so much as you might think. There are lots of things that can keep fresh in cool areas—oranges, apples, potatoes, carrots.
    Grab some spinach seeds! Mine are already in the ground.
    90 Day prescription drugs are tough for most people. I read that you should ask for “next month” at the two week time. Slowly build up. BUT be careful to use the oldest first.
    I think we all will be fine, but it is good to be stocked in case of bad spring storms anyway.

    Most of the things on the list are just the norm if you listen to FEMA. They are what you need in any natural disaster.

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