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25th Wedding Anniversary Plans – Cancelled?

This May, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.  We wanted to do it in a big way, so we planned a two week trip, including a 3 day stay in Seattle —

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followed by a 7 night cruise to Alaska, then off to…

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Las Vegas for three nights.

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Considering that Seattle is the epicenter of the Covid-19 virus outbreak, and cruises are strongly being discouraged, this no longer sounds like the dream anniversary trip we have been planning for the last two years. 🙁

I’ve already pre-paid for air and cruise, as well as excursions and some extras.  If I cancelled, I would only get credit for a future trip (by airlines and cruise ship), and not cash back.  The cruise lines have given guests the option to cancel up to 48 hours before cruise with no penalty.  Airlines have offered a “no change fee” but I would have to use the credit within the year.

Although it is slightly more than two months away, my anxiety level is heightened to a point where I’m leaning towards cancelling.   This means I’ll have to make a decision by the second week of May.

What would you do?

18 thoughts on “25th Wedding Anniversary Plans – Cancelled?”

  1. If you still have 2 months before you even have to make a decision, I’d not borrow trouble. I’d just wait it out & hope for the best! Too early to decide now…

  2. I would absolutely cancel. Not worth the possible health risks. We are in Florida now and not even eating out- I’m dreading flying home – but need to get home somehow so no choice.

  3. Remember last year when Nick and I were supposed to go to Las Vegas and then on to the Grand Canyon? I cancelled the trip when our doctor told us Nick could no longer fly because of his heart condition. I was issued credit, that had to be used in one year. Well, I have to do a booking by April 20th or I will lose this money forever. I seriously thought about flying somewhere with my sister. With the news of today, neither she or I want to go anywhere. She cancelled her annual cruise.
    The money was spent and is now gone. If I book another trip and use the credit (It’s $400 to cover hotel costs. The airline returned my frequent flyer miles intact) not only will I be using up the $400 but I’ll also be spending more money and at this time I don’t want to spend anything additional. So, I’m chalking up the $400 loss. I lost that money last year.
    Oh well.
    That’s our decision. Yours will be different.
    Good luck.
    (can you postpone your trip for a year? surely a year will tide this pandemic over?)

    1. We will be making final decision by May 15th. I’m keeping fingers crossed but I will plan another adventure if this one doesn’t work out.

    2. Not sure what the parameters are but my son got a flight credit last year and yes had to book within a year but by “booking” it just meant that, how far out can you book another trip? Six months? Or more? then things certainly could have a different scenario and if what booked was under/around that 400.00 if you end up not going still nothing different lost.

      1. JE, I think I’m done with flying. Now or a year from now. There really is no place I want to go anymore. The $400 is lost, spent, gone. Lesson learned.

  4. I would cancel. My cardiologist ordered me to go to ER for heart problem. I am afraid to go to the hospital! I am 73.

    1. You should go to hospital if that is what doctor recommends. They should be keeping all coronavirus patients separate. Sending hugs!!

  5. I would wait as long as you can – there is no way of knowing how long this will last. Could be weeks, could be months. Hoping for weeks!

  6. I would wait. You wont lose any money doing that and it may calm down. It may get worse. We have no idea. We are on the fence with a family reunion as well.
    It does show us all that we are not immune from ups and downs. I cannot imagine being a min wage person in this crazy time.

  7. If I were in your shoes, I’d hold off to pull the plug (either way) until the latest possible moment. I’m hoping that in 6-8 weeks, we will have some normalcy returned to our daily life. Crazy what a difference 24 hours can make in the world news feed.

  8. I hope you waited! With the announcement that Canada is closing all ports to ships over 500 people, it looks like all Alaska cruises will be cancelled through the end of June, so you should get a cash refund on the cruise.

    1. I did! I’m waiting to get a full refund from airlines as well, but I guess we shall see. I hope that I’ll be able to eventually get to Alaska! 😉

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